I provide a tailored approach to tutoring test preparation. I have designed programs to fit your child’s needs as described below:


SAT Math


Beginning Lessons 

For struggling math students, including students with disabilities, I use Barron’s Math SAT Workbook to review fundamental math concepts to help students reach their highest potential score. The number of lessons varies depending on the student’s level of understanding and how quickly they pick up the material. I pace the lessons according to the student’s individual needs.


Middle-of-the-Road Students 

With lots of patience and encouragement during sessions, I provide a 10-lesson course consisting of 2-hour sessions for middle-of-the-road students. I can come to your home or conduct the sessions online. I use published books (The ETS Official SAT Study Guide and The SAT 1500 + Practice Questions, as well as my own material.


Advanced Students 

For advanced students, I go over the most difficult problems found on the test, according to what they request, using advanced books. The sessions are geared for students who want to score in the 90th percentile.


One Lesson Orientation

For those students who just want one lesson to become familiarized with the Math SAT, I provide a two-hour lesson, consisting of an orientation for the test, including a comprehensive review of all the types of problems covered on the test.


My SAT Math Course


Part I – The Assessment

The student takes an official practice test found in the Official SAT Study Guide by the ETS before the first lesson.


Part II – The 10 Lessons

Lesson 1: This is a general orientation for the SAT Math test, covering everything the student needs to know about the test. I also go over the first practice test, assigned before the first lesson (Part I).

Lessons 2 through 9: The lessons are arranged topic-by-topic. Material is first reviewed by a general introduction and through sample, typical problems. The student then practices problems independently, and we go over problems that caused difficulties. I assign homework between lessons, being sensitive to students’ schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

Lesson 10: We review a second assessment test the student takes before the tenth lesson at home. I also provide a general review of all we have done to solidify the student’s mastery of the material, practicing miscellaneous problems and covering any remaining questions or concerns.



With my 10-week course, the student is likely to increase his/her score by at least 100 points on the math section of the SAT. The score can be further increased if the student does even more homework independently between lessons. Some of my students have been accepted to the most prestigious schools in the U.S., such as Cornell University, Brown University, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, Georgetown, Princeton, and Harvard.


GRE Math


I can use whichever book you have already purchased, or instead, recommend a great book. I will help you with any problems you have attempted at home that you need help with.


Praxis Core Math


I use the book I co-wrote and edited, Praxis Core Math 5733: A Workbook for the Math Phobic available on Amazon.

I cater the lessons to the student’s needs, reviewing chapters that are especially difficult for the student or proceed chapter-by-chapter. You may need as few as 2 or 3 lessons, but some students might need up to 20 hours of instruction. The quantity of lessons necessary to pass the exam depends on the student’s math background and on how math-phobic he/she is.