I first assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses, test how far they are behind, observe how they learn and how fast they pick up concepts. Based on these factors, I recommend the ideal lesson frequency.


Improving Understanding

I use the method of inquiry, also known as the “Socratic Approach.” With this method, I lead the student to the correct solution by guiding them through the problem, asking them f  requent questions, rather than by lecturing. Students are more focused when they are engaged and are not subjected to long or convoluted explanations.


Encouraging Self-Learning

I try to help students become independent learners so that they can learn on their own in later courses in high school and beyond.


Improving Self-Esteem, Confidence, and Motivation

Students o often suffer from a lack of confidence and even poor self-image as a result of poor performance at school. With a better grade in their math class, students’ confidence rises, and self-esteem improves. The better the grade the students attain, the more motivated they become, and the more their grade improves in a positive cycle.


Decreasing Anxiety

Students sometimes feel anxious about performing well on tests. They might freeze while thinking about a possible solution, especially on multistep problems. When their grades begin to rise, their anxiety begins to decrease, which helps them score even higher on tests.

Parents also feel less anxious as their child’s grades improve.


Increasing Interest in Math

Some of my prospective clients ask me how I make math more interesting. Because I also have a background in science, finance, and economics, I can expose students to real-life situations requiring complex math solutions. Oftentimes students do not know what math is used for, so I like to supplement schoolwork with some application problems.

For example, logarithms are used to classify earthquake strength on the Richter scale, or to describe the pressure in the atmosphere, and to graph stock prices. Exponential functions are used to define saturation vapor pressure as a function of temperature or to describe the depreciation of an automobile. Students better appreciate math if they know why it is used.



I have helped students achieve their highest potential grades, get accepted to the college of their choice, and improve their self-esteem. A two-letter grade increase is very realistic, with most of my students getting A’s and B’s at the end of the semester.