Increasing Confidence


I have been tutoring in Montgomery County, MD, for over 20 years, 6th grade Math through AP Calculus and college algebra, along with Math SAT, Math ACT, Math GRE, Math GED and Praxis Core Math. I am very familiar with the Common Core curriculum.

Usually, I use the student’s school material, going over their homework problems, and/or preparing them for tests and quizzes. Upon request, I can provide enrichment lessons, recommending appropriate material to cater to individual needs.

Typical sessions are 1–1.5 hours long. Lessons can be scheduled once a week or can be taken on an as-needed basis (schedule permitting and for an extra fee), or two or more lessons per week can be arranged if a regular schedule is maintained. It is best for all parties to set and stick to a regular weekly schedule. Often, I can fit an extra lesson in if a student needs urgent help for an upcoming test.


Achieving Your Academic Goals

I am patient, encouraging, and supportive. I am sensitive to students’ weaknesses and special needs. I do expect a lot from my students, as I know the student and parent/s expect a lot from me. We are a team, and both sides of the team must work hard to ensure that the student achieves his or her academic goals.


Where I Tutor

I serve students in Montgomery County, Maryland, in their home, or online anywhere in the US.


What I Tutor

  • 6th & 7th grade math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC
  • Calculus with Applications
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • IB Applications Statistics/Calculus
  • College Algebra
  • College Calculus I & II
  • SAT Math
  • GRE Math
  • Praxis Core Math

I do not tutor geometry or below 6th grade math. If you would like a geometry tutor, I would be happy to recommend a highly qualified professional. Although I have tutored ACT Math, I presently prefer SAT tutoring.


Whom I Tutor

Many of my students suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or have other special needs like LD’s, processing problems, autism and other spectrum disorders, or dyscalculia. But I have also worked with gifted and talented youth, middle-of-the road students, and high-achieving students who wish to perfect their math grade or test scores.


What I Help With

I help students avoid careless errors, improve their understanding of math concepts, and overcome mental blocks. My goal is also to help my students become independent learners, so that they won’t need a math tutor throughout their entire education.